Inder Sidecar - Rocket

$1,999.00 USD

Original Price: $3,495.00

Product Details

All Inder sidecars come standard in Black.  We can custom order color matched sidecars, but this takes several months.
Side car includes:
1.     Front bumper in Stainless Steel
3.     Foot rest
4.     Windshield
5.     Dust cover
6.     Danger Lights.
7.     Factory finish paint ( 2 primer coats, 2 color coats, 3 clear coats  total 7 coats)
8.     Side protectors ( For Night Visibility)
9.     Fork type suspension system with Shock absorber. ( For Extra Smooth Ride – Wobble Free )
Can be attached to any most bikes with a tubular frame.  A Universal Mounting Kit can be purchased separately for $200.  If you would like bike specific mounting hardware, we can give special discounts on these.
Comes in standard black.
It is not meant for speeds over 55mph or for a bike that weighs more than 600 lbs or have engines larger than 750cc.  Interstate ready sidecars cost 2-5 times as much.
Inder Sidecar - Rocket Sale Inder Sidecar - Rocket Inder Sidecar - Rocket
Shipping costs for sidecars changes based on weight of the sidecar and destination zip code. For our light duty sidecars, it ranges from $150 to $250. If you cannot unload the 200 lb crate and a liftgate is necessary at delivery, FedEx charges $98. Sidecars ship from New Orleans, LA
Sidecars can be returned for a full refund of purchase price, but customer must pay shipping charges.

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